Performance Week – Cirque du Respect

Earth class are going to write their reviews of the performance here!  Try answering some of these questions in your review …

  • What did you like about the performance?
  • How did you feel watching the performance?
  • Did you find the show funny?  Why?
  • Was the show interesting?  What did you learn?
  • What was your favourite part?  Why?
  • Did you enjoy the acting?
  • What star rating would you give the performance out of 10?



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35 Responses to Performance Week – Cirque du Respect

  1. Aarfa and Sabiha says:

    We rate the cirque du respect 10 star because the circus remembered all the lines and we were impressed. We loved the costumes and the dancing.

  2. Sanjidah & Naziya says:

    Hi! I’m Naziya and I made the epic costumes. And my favourite costumes that I made was hula hooper.
    Hi I’m Sanjidah and I’m in the Cast. My Favourite part is the Bearded ladies because Kriony spoke like a girl.

    • samirah says:

      the show was amazing and I m very proud I was in the cast everyone help. I hope there another one there was many people was audition for the role

  3. ahmea2 says:

    It is rated 8 stars because it could of been better with more circus acts although I like the show especial the bearded ladies.
    I enjoyed the acting my faviroute part was the ringmasters lament song. I found the child cant picking the weight up funny .The show was interesting I learned to respect every one.

  4. Aarfa and Sabiha says:

    All the cast members were focused from the beginning to the end. They did a great job everyone loved them even we did. We did the best show .If we never had the marketing,costumes,props we will never have a massive hit.

  5. Sanjidah & Naziya says:

    I felt amazed because it was at EGA and the light’s were so cool.
    I felt exited because it was my first time performing. 🙂

  6. Lisa,Jayden says:

    It was so funny because the clowns. 10
    yes because the clowns.
    yes and we learnt it is funny.
    the clowns because they are funny

  7. Aarfa and Sabiha says:

    Thanks to all the departments everyone loved the cast and the costumes and the decoration:)

  8. sumaiya+ zundus says:

    I like the bearded ladies because they are really funny.
    The show was very interesting and I learnt that you can succeed in many things.
    My favourite part was when the strong men kissed there muscles.
    I felt proud of the school when I watched the performance because I feel we have worked so hard.
    I enjoyed the acting because the cast worked really hard.
    The show was hilarious because the bearded lady’s were acting weird.
    I would give the show a 10/10.

  9. wasim and yahya says:

    I liked the bearded ladies because they looked silly with the hair and the beard (Yahya) It felt like a cinema because the costume, props and the cast singing and acting.(wasim)

  10. madiha & naeemah.c says:

    naeemah: I was in the cast. I think it would be suitable for all ages .My favourite part was the bearded ladies because it was boys wearing dresses, heels, wigs and beards which made me laugh out loud .
    madiha: I was in the props department and it was a lot of trouble because the stage was absolutely tiny!!!
    in EGA. When we were making the weights for the strong men it was too big so we had to make small ones with wires.
    Me and naeemah liked the bearded ladies because they were extremely funny!!! For example: they said talk to the hand because my beard is not listening , we also liked the acrobats because they did awesome flips and tricks. We rate it 20/20 it is amazingly respectful for everyone .We liked the song that the ringmasters sang because it had a nice tune . when we were watching it we felt that we were learning something and that something was how to show respect to others and yourself.

  11. ahmea2 says:

    I Liked the bearded ladies because they were hilarious. I felt joyful because it was hilarious and it taught you a important lesson in life

  12. Jayden says:

    I loved the show

  13. Deniz and Kevin says:

    1.I liked the part when Aiya and Ruby ran down the stairs and was calling mum dad and telling them the circus was in town.
    2.I felt very very existed to see all of the cast member’s and see the show because I was in the props department so we did not no that much about the show.
    3.I did find the show funny because when the bearded ladies when they were singing there song and they were talking posh .
    4.We think that the show was interesting because we learn about respect .

  14. Arif and Abhishek says:

    I liked it when the bearded ladies tried to act like a girl .

  15. Malachi & Mert says:

    we were nice and calm and the strong men had funny moustaches.
    I like when the bearded lady’s came out:D

  16. Malachi & Mert says:

    I felt confident because we practiced a lot
    I felt joyful because we got to finish all that hard work

  17. Luke says:

    I really liked the Cirque Du Respect I rate it 7/10 I rate it 7 because of the theme and actors but -3 because of the ok story line. I thought the bearded ladies were supercallafragalisticexpialidocious! but overall it was great!!!!! ^-^

  18. Aminur says:

    I loved the actors and the way everyone presented all there work out and also the way they were shy at the start and now became awesome amazing and confident people so that’s what I liked about the performance.

    Yours Thankfully
    Aminur Rouf & Cast Member 😉

  19. Terelle says:

    what I love about the show was the bearded ladies because they were funny I rate it 10/10

  20. Abdul Muhaymin A.H says:

    I loved watching the actors in the show and it was funny to see the bearded ladies,

  21. Mahir Hussain and Oliver Edwards says:

    ‘I liked he bearded ladies because they were funny with their fake hair, fake beards and girly voices’ Oliver
    ‘I felt proud because the play was amazing and our school was performing it’ Mahir
    ‘I found the show funny especially the bearded ladies and the strongmen’ Oliver
    ‘The show was very interesting, I learnt the real meaning of respect’ Mahir
    ‘My favourite part was when the strongmen showed the were the best’ Oliver
    ‘I enjoyed the acting as it was funny and joyful’ Mahir
    ‘We would give the show 7/10 as it was really good but, minor improvements could be made’ Mahir and Oliver

    Yours Sincerely,
    Mahir and Oliver 🙂

  22. Lydia says:

    I liked the acrobats because of the way they did there jumps spins and tumbles and I also loved lights shining in there way when they started to act unlike some of the other presenters because the other people they were all in the darkness but the acrobats WERE THE BEST!

  23. Ali and Zuhur says:

    I liked it when the bearded ladies did there act
    I felt like it was a real circus,
    Yes because the bearded ladies are like real girls
    Yes because there was a lot of entertainment
    The bearded ladies, of course I liked the acting
    I liked that everyone was included
    I wasn’t watching the show I was performing
    I learnt that respect is very important and we are very lucky to have it
    my favourite part was when the bearded ladies sang their song
    I loved acting in the show
    I would give it 10/10

  24. Esha says:

    I think the show was amazing because it was funny and also it was about respect and I especially loved the part when the bearded lady’s were doing there role and I really enjoyed it I would give 9 out of 10 I think It can be improved and make the show a little more longer .

  25. adil says:

    what I liked about our know as circus du respect was how the scene was set out so basically how the circus was set out and how the characters where set out my favourite character was the bearded lady’s and the ring masters also what I also liked was how much effort they put into the show.

  26. Abdul Muhaymin A.H & Mohamed Omar says:

    We loved watching the performance as it was all fun especially the Bearded ladies. We felt good watching the show as they put a lot of time effort in it. We found it interesting as all classes came together even though some people never talked to each other, We learnt many things like Respecting each and every one of us. Our favourite part was when Kriony (A Bearded Lady) Had his Wig fall in the show. We enjoyed the acting!
    – We would give the performance 7.75/10 I know very Specific 😉

  27. Cekayi and Tasniya says:

    cekayi : I think it was amazing and I was a acrobat I think every one was magnificent.
    tasniya: I think the show was outstanding and the bearded ladies were really funny. It was exciting being an ASM I am so sad that performance week could not have lasted longer! I wish we could watch the show one more time.

  28. Aneesa says:

    What I liked about the circus performance is there was singing, dancing & lots of funny parts such as the bearded ladies. My favourite was the acrobats because they were controlling their balance.

  29. muhamed and haroon says:

    Haroon and Muhamed: I like that everyone was part of the performance. I felt like I knew more about respect. We both think it 8/10.

  30. abida and jeniyah says:

    I like the bearded ladies coz they make me laugh and they act like a real girls
    what I liked was the strong men because they had full passion.

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