Scratch in Venus Class 11.5.2015

Good afternoon Venus Class!

I hope you have enjoyed programming today using Scratch.  Leave a comment here on the blog to tell me all about your learning.

  • What is Scratch?
  • What code did you use?
  • Can you explain what a loop is?  What is a start event?  How is it different to a click event?
  • What did you enjoy the most?

Well done for all your hard work!

Miss Bates 🙂

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9 Responses to Scratch in Venus Class 11.5.2015

  1. najib and ghazel says:

    scratch is a advanced program.

  2. emine ryan says:

    I learned how to use scratch and how to log in it .

  3. hannah ronnie says:

    we learn about making sound and back and forward

  4. ilyas and zuheyb says:

    the loop was called a forever.

  5. evinda and abdullah says:

    I learnt how to use scratch

  6. Madi and Jibril says:

    I LEARNED changing the cats courla and changing the picture.

  7. Miski and Mantim says:

    Miss B as you call your name. Me and mantim favioute minute of coding was when you were teaching thank you.

  8. jemal and celestra says:

    I engoied when we changed the colour of the cat. it was great creating.

  9. IMAD AND KAIS says:

    Scratch is is a realy fun game
    controlin cat making fun games

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