Winton meet the Prime Minister!

Monday 8th December 2014

What an incredible morning!  Today Year 6 and some Year 5 ‘s from Winton were invited to visit Number 10 Downing Street to take part in an exclusive ‘Hour of Code’ event and meet the Prime Minister, David Cameron!  We used a programming language on to create Winter Wonderland scenes with Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, then we used to design our own games.  Well done to everybody for a fantastic morning coding and for representing Winton so brilliantly.

The Facilities Manager from the Prime Minister’s Office complimented us as being the “best behaved class he had seen for a very long time”, and the tutors who were from Barclays Bank said, “We couldn’t have had a better group of children for this event.  Their coding skills are excellent and we are so impressed with the games they created in such a short time!”.  A special well done to Abdul, Luke and Ruby who were chosen to present the games they coded to the rest of the group and to Ubaid who got to shake hands with the Prime Minister himself!

Did you enjoy your morning?  What did you learn?  What will you take from this experience?  Will you continue coding?  How do you think this opportunity may affect your future and your decisions?

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82 Responses to Winton meet the Prime Minister!

  1. Niaz and Ayaz says:

    On Monday 8th of December I have experienced something that only comes in a lifetime. We were lucky to go to number 10 downing street . We went there for a event called hour of code. it is when we have an hour of coding with coding experts. We have learnt so much. After we ate food served by servants. then we were toured around the house for a little bit with a very important man named Alf . Finally we had our picture taken outside the house and we had our lunch .

  2. Nadia rahman :) says:

    Prime Minister David Cameron joins Winton at Downing Street for an hour of coding. Today Saturn class and a few year 5
    go to 10 downing street to show of their coding skills. They had a great time. We made frozen games. David Cameron says After meeting with children who were having a unique Monday morning out of the classroom, Mr Cameron said: “This set of skills and this new way of teaching is for everyone. Today Winton primary showed everyone that they are genie’s at coding. 🙂

  3. Mohamed says:

    -Meeting The Prime Minister-
    This morning I have been lucky enough to be allowed to meet the PM (David Cameron)this morning. This has been an extra-ordinary chance for the school and I hope that the school will be privileged to compete in this hour of code next year

    Yours Sincerely Mohamed Omar

  4. sabirin says:

    I really enjoyed this trip and I shook hands with a guy called Alf. He was really kind and tuck a picture of us at the
    Prime ministers house .
    We had a mini tea party, unfortunately the prime minister wasn’t there but the food made up for it.

    We did some amazing coding with the prime minister.

  5. Nahom says:

    Meting the prime minister was a great honour. This and a life time opportunity, I made my own scratch program we got lots of goodies and treats. I was so happy and exited when I the got those letters I was so shocked that I got to meet the prime minister, it was the greatest trip ever.

  6. Ubaid says:

    Saturn class went to see David Cameron (the Prime Minister.) It was a life time experience that we will never forget. I enjoyed my morning at 10 downing street. I learned a lot today and actually shook hands with the Prime Minister himself. I extended my knowledge of coding today and what I have learned I will always remember this. n addition I will always continue coding. Thank you Mr Rigby, Miss Bates , Bernie , Katie and Claire for making this experience possible.

    By Ubaid

    • jbates8.206 says:

      You are very welcome Ubaid. I was so happy the Prime Minister chose to sit next to you and ask you about your coding! You must have felt nervous but you did brilliantly, and what an honour to shake his hand!

      Well done!

  7. Nura says:

    Today was the most exiting day ever. It was lovely to meet the prime minister and his amazing home. it was the best experience of my life ever. it was fun walking there and back. when we got there we saw a really big Christmas tree and lots of police. we had to go through a security entrance to make sure we were not carrying anything bad, also when w got inside we had to take of our jackets and bags. when we went into a really big room we were told to sit on a been bag with a computer. I found out that we were going to make a frozen, it was fun to make. After that we had some drinks and chees toasties and lot of different choices, my favourite was the cheese toasties. finally we put on our jackets and bags on, we also got to take a picture in front of David Cameron’s house with a police man. I had a brilliant time. THANK YOU

  8. Abdul Muhaymin A.H / Mahir Hussain says:

    – | Meeting The Prime Minister | –

    Today we had a amazing experience meeting the Prime Minister and showing off our skills in coding. Those who were chosen had a memory to remember for the rest of their life. It was an trip which is one of my favourite and I could say that to a lot of people. Most of us, if not all were surprised it was this big in the inside but also how it looked. Meeting people this important was just mind blowing. Showing off also helped as we learnt some more along the way through other peoples knowledge. We also got a Goodie Bag, with Stylus Pens, Yo-Yo, Notebook, Multiple USB Chargers etc…! Kindly enough the people who works / live in 10 downing street setup a hall with food and seats to sit on. We took some pictures with the noble Year 6, Year 5 And a few members of staff. It was a opportunity of our lifetime. It was nice to hear that we were the best class to come to 10 downing street in a while. Special thanks to Bernie, Miss Bates, Katy, Clare, Elena from Islington for assisting us on this Breath Taking Trip.

    • Ms del Pozo says:

      Thank you boys! It was a great morning, not just because we met the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street, but because we were with such a great bunch of kids! You were beautifully behaved and impressed everyone with you coding skills. Your teachers must feel extremely proud, I would. Keep on coding, keep on learning and more opportunities like this will come your way.

      • luke says:

        Thank you for commenting on our behaviour this experience at No. 10 will affect my life, now I see how important it is to learn coding.

      • Ubaid says:

        Thank you for taking and helping to arrange this trip. It is one of the days which I love and will cherish forever. It was a huge honour to meet him. It was an amazing experience .
        From Ubaid

  9. Zuhur hersi Z.H says:

    – Meeting the prime minister!-

    Today was a wonderful because yr6 and 10 children from yr5 when to number 10 downing street to meet the prime –
    minister. First, we went on code to do a frozen game with Anna and Elsa. Then we went on scratch to improve a game of catch the carrot with Sven. After that we got a goodie bag with an cerficate,inside the goodie bag was a yoyo,usb,jelly beans, notebook, two stylus pens and a sticker. This was a amazing day and not many people get this opportunity ,we were very lucky that we were chosen.

    • Damian Kelly says:

      Hi Zuhur and Winton School!
      Really nice to read about your positive experiences and good work!

      Here in Suffolk I have been involved a little with helping out a few of the schools to support the new curriculum.
      My daughter is interested in Scratch and some of the other items, she will be even more so when I mention the Frozen game you worked on!!! 🙂

      Working in the Telecomms/IT industry it is really good to see that if other schools follow the good example set by you guys we will have very good future going forward.

      Keep up the good work.

  10. Jayden/Yasmin says:

    Jayden and me Yasmin , learned today about CODEING! We met the prim minister himself and joined us for 10 minetes in hour of code.

  11. Aminur says:

    -Meeting the Prime Minister-
    Today we have learnt a lot in the hour of coding (10 downing street) we have done during our visit to David Cameron house. This will be big memories to all the pupils in Winton Primary School and We wont forget this day.

    -During Our Coding Time-
    While we were coding we had to follow step by step rules but I could not resist doing all the code by my self so I did all the code and…..I was successful doing the code but then we had to create our own code so when I created my own code I felt so happy then I created a frozen reindeer game the reindeer had to try eat the carrots. We were competing with other schools and I don’t know who won. But after that we had to go back to school. IT WAS A FANTASTIC TRIP. 🙂

    Your Sincerely Aminur

  12. Luke says:

    Meeting the prime minister was a once in a lifetime experience. Within the time at 10 Downing street, we coded using anna and elsa also with scratch , using anna and elsa we made them travel in certain directions with pixels and degrees, with scratch we made are own game and few got presonated including mine. This was trip I will never forget.

    • Maxine (Lukes Mum) says:

      Glad to hear you had a great time at no 10. Saw you on the news, I’m so proud of you.

      • jbates8.206 says:

        Thank you for visiting our blog Maxine!

        Luke was a superstar yesterday, he coded a brilliant game for Sven the reindeer to catch carrots for points and avoid mouldy carrots or lose points! All the adults were very impressed.

        We are so excited it made the news! Thank you for helping us with the early start 🙂

        Miss Bates

  13. Tasniya& samirah says:

    It was lots of fun at number 10 downing street, meeting the prime minister. It was a great chance. It was great fun the hour of code I want to say a big thank you to everyone that helped on the way.

    My favourite moment (Tasniya)was when we were coding at number 10 downing street.
    My favourite moment (samirah)was when I got to meet the prime minister and tell him about coding.

  14. MASSI says:

    Today was the best day of my life. My class and I went to do the hour of coding at 10 downing street and we met the prime minster and ubaid shook his hand and we did a game called frozen and he had something to say which was After meeting with children who were having a unique Monday morning out of the classroom, Mr Cameron said: “This set of skills and this new way of teaching is for everyone and we were told that we could take a picture but we had to stand at the side because David Cameron was coming out with his car then we took a picture 🙂 0:

  15. Ruby & Nadia says:

    Ruby: I enjoyed this experience very much and getting to meet David Carmon himself was a great honour. I learnt that if you can code you can take the ideas in your head and turn them into reality. I will defiantly continue coding because coding is not just a science it is an art. An art that will always have a special place in my life. I want be a coder when I grow up I want to be an inspiration to other people. Like others are an inspiration to me.

    Nadia: I really enjoyed this day. This was a once in a lifetime chance. I’m so glad that I had a chance to meet such an amazing man, David Cameron. I got to code on a website that I’ve never coded on , I had never heard of it ! It was an
    honour. I will treasure this day for the rest of my life. Coding isn’t just fun, its fun full of opportunities.
    I’m so happy that David Cameron is putting more events to encourage children to code. Coding rules ! 🙂

  16. Aiya says:

    It was an amazing experience to meet David Cameron. I will definitely treasure this moment for my whole life. Going into 10 Downing street is a dream come true. I will continue doing coding for the rest of my life and maybe I will become Prime Minister some day. Surprisingly, I got to high 5 the prime minister which I will never forget. It was an honour to meet him and this moment will stay in my heart forever. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I got to meet him face to face. Some people have lived their whole life without meeting the prime minister, so its a real privilege. People have inspired me to code, I want to make people to feel the same way. I LOVE CODING!

    • Harrison (Aiyas' Grandad) says:

      Saw you on the news –
      So pleased you had a great day at number 10, Grandma and I are looking forward to you becoming Prime Minister so we can come and visit you there!

      • jbates8.206 says:

        Hi Harrison,

        Thank you for visiting our blog and leaving us a comment! We are very lucky Aiya has such a cool Grandad 🙂

        It was a wonderful day, I am also looking forward to Aiya becoming Prime Minister!

        Miss Bates

  17. Abdullah says:

    We met the prime minister while coding. We were having a hour of code , Suddenly, we are greeted by David Cameron . As we were representing our school the prime minister was impressed by our coding and thought that coding should become very popular in England an every child should learn how to code and in my opinion I find it fun to code and expand my imagination by thinking of more ideas which makes me proud of myself.

    • Zoe Ross says:

      Hi Abdullah,

      It’s great that you had such a good time at Downing Street and you obviously made a really good impression on the Prime Minister! I’m particularly glad that the experience helped you to think more about your own coding and extending what you already know. Good luck!

  18. jbates8.206 says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am so pleased to see your comments here and to read how much you enjoyed this incredible day we had at 10 Downing Street! You were all amazing coders, and you represented Winton so brilliantly, we are very proud of you.

    I thought you might like to know the Prime Minister tweeted about us! Ask your teacher to show you at school tomorrow. We also featured on ITV news, Mail Online, The Guardian and BBC News. Check the other blog posts to see the articles in full.

    Well done again!

    Miss Bates 🙂

    • Abdul Muhaymin A.H says:

      Thank you for this amazing trip it was a amazing experience that i will never forget. Please carry on what you are doing as a teacher and sooner or later it will be us helping you all the time 🙂

      • jbates8.206 says:

        You are very welcome Abdul, I am glad you enjoyed the trip so much. You have already helped me with my coding, Computing club always helped me to learn more!

        I am so proud of the game you created and shared with everyone at the event. I hope you told your family all about it, your coding skills really shone.

        Keep up the great work!

  19. Mr Rigby says:

    I am so proud of Winton pupils today. I heard that someone who works at 10 Downing Street stated they were one of the best behaved school’s ever! What a fantastic compliment! Well done, Winton!!!

    • Abdul Muhaymin A.H says:

      Thank you Mr Rigby for your comment and I would of hope you can be there as well, but it was still a nice trip to go 🙂

    • jbates8.206 says:

      That’s true Mr Rigby, all the children behaved perfectly, worked really hard and received lots of compliments!

      We wowed the adults with our coding skills!!

      You are right Abdul, it would have been great if Mr Rigby could have come on the trip. Your teachers wanted to come too! Perhaps one day, we will be invited again 🙂

    • luke says:

      Thank you for your comment I wished you were there, this was a once in a lifetime trip ;-0

  20. Aiya says:

    I saw myself on the news, half of my face is right at the front. that is totally embarrassing. i hope i become famous but i doubt is very much that people will notice me. My grandma said that she will blog about me meeting the prime minister. My parents are extremely happy that i got to meet the prime minister and give him a high 5. This definitely convinced me to code more often and to try really hard. CODING RULES!!!!

    • jbates8.206 says:

      I am glad you are going to keep trying hard Aiya! Giving the Prime Minister a high 5 was a once in a lifetime achievement 🙂 you are such a lucky girl! I am proud too, just like your parents are.

      Well done for getting your grandparents to post on our school blog! Amazing!

  21. Pat Hughes says:

    Wow – what an amazing day and such brilliant accounts of what happened and what you did – well done to all and special thanks to Miss Bates. Was there a Christmas tree inside No. 10?

    Pat H

    • jbates8.206 says:

      Thank you for visiting our school blog Pat! We had a wonderful trip to 10 Downing Street. There was a beautiful Christmas tree outside Number 10, you can see it in the photos on the next blog post. Can anyone remember if there was a Christmas tree inside?! I can’t remember seeing one!

      Thank you Pat for putting Winton Primary School in touch with the Department for Education so we could organise and attend such a wonderful event. It was a very special day for us all!

      Miss Bates

      • Pat Hughes says:

        And I gather there is meant to be the Downing Street cat whose name is Larry – but he’s brown and white not ginger like the Scratch Cat.

        Maybe someone could use Scratch to code up the story of what happened on Monday – though you’d need to create a new Sprite for Larry 🙂 and a new No. 10 Downing Street stage.

        Pat H

        • jbates8.206 says:

          What a brilliant idea Pat!

          Perhaps we could run a competition with all the children who visited 10 Downing Street – who can code the best story of the day – what do you all think?

          You could even work on it over the holidays, remember Scratch is a free safe download

    • Abdul Muhaymin A.H says:

      Nope I don’t remember seeing a Christmas Tree inside, but defiantly saw one outside no.10, It was nice to get a nice message from Pat Hughes 🙂

    • Ruby says:

      Your right it was an amazing day and I am sooooooooo grateful that you planed this trip for us. There was not a Christmas tree inside but there was one outside.

  22. Trudy Morgan says:

    Wow, Winton year 6 at no.10, how cool is that!! You all look fabulous.and look like you were having a great time. Wonderful that Mr Cameron was taught something by Winton Primary School. Well Done!

    • luke(year 5) says:

      thank you for your comment and some of us were even in year 5

    • Abdul Muhaymin A.H says:

      Thank you for commenting on our blog and investing your time, also you are a amazing adult so keep doing what you are doing 🙂

    • Aiya says:

      I know its really cool, we had an amazing time. its a real surprise that David Cameroon taught Winton Primary School something it was awesome!

    • Ubaid says:

      Hi Trudy,
      It was a huge honour to meet the prime minister. I was truly surprised that David Cameron was actually sitting next to me the whole time. He was such a nice person to talk to. I enjoyed the visit to his house.
      But if you came it would have been better.
      From Ubaid 🙂

  23. Katy Potts says:

    Year 5 and 6 – you were such impressive coders and all the staff at Downing Street commented on your excellent behaviour.
    You must be the most famous pupils in England this week because your photographs are on BBC, sky, itv websites and the Prime Minister’s twitter account shared photographs of you too! #hourofcode

    • Abdul Muhaymin A.H says:

      I honestly didn’t think you would say that about our behaviour and quite amazing we were famous pupils that week, also we were on the Prime Ministers twitter account in his photographs album 🙂 One of my bests days yets

  24. Mrs Brown says:

    Amazing Year 5 and 6, we are all extremely proud of you. I can’t believe you high 5 David Cameron! I hope you like the headline article we put on the website.

    I am looking forward to seeing how much more you can do with coding

    • Abdul Muhaymin A.H says:

      Wow a comment from Mr Rigby now Mrs Brown quite amazing I must say, I’m really surprised we are getting alot of comments from alot of varieties of people. We really as a school finally got our fame after all! 🙂

    • Aiya says:

      Thank you very much its a real privilege that we got there. We love the headline article I’m right at the front. We Love Coding!

  25. Mr. Garrood says:

    Wow what an amazing day and a huge achievement. I am extremely proud that children from Saturn and particularly Jupiter class represented Winton in such a positive manner! I was even lucky enough to have been brought back a goody bag! Thanks Guys

    • Abdul Muhaymin A.H says:

      Hi Mr Garrood, Thanks for the comment again and I think your a wonderful teacher. Like I said to Mr Rigby it would be better if you came along with the other teachers 🙂

    • luke(year 5) says:

      Thank you for your comment 😉 😉 😉 😉

  26. Dr Chips says:

    Hi Year 5 and 6,

    I saw the pictures of you meeting David Cameron on Twitter earlier this week – how amazing! It looked like some of you were showing him how to code – did you explain to him what you were doing?

    Dr Chips, Manchester

    • luke says:

      Yes we did my one got presented I had to explain mine to everyone 😉

      • Mohamed says:

        Some people in our school got chosen like Luke, Abdul and Ruby showed their work to everyone in the room 🙂

    • Abdul Muhaymin A.H says:

      Thank you for investing your time into looking at our blog along with the Prime Ministers twitter, yes we were explaining to him and it was a great time doing it! 🙂

    • Ruby says:

      Hi Dr Chip’s we had an amazing time at No.10 I hope that one day we will get to go on another extraordinary event like this exceptional one.

      Ruby 🙂

  27. Merlin John says:

    Congratulations on representing Islington so well at Downing Street and on your great coding (I already saw that in action at the “Creative Technology Day” at Central St Martins). I think the prime minister might have a bit of trouble learning to code but I hope you gave him some good tips on running the country 😉
    Keep up the good work!

  28. Danny young says:

    You should all be very proud of yourselves. Well done. (From the makers of j2e and j2webby – we love coding too!!!)

    • Abdul Muhaymin A.H says:

      Thanks for the information about you guys and it is happy to hear you like coding aswell! 🙂

  29. Apps For Good says:

    It was great to meet you all at No. 10 for the @hourofcode. All the kids from Winton did a great job!

    • Abdul Muhaymin A.H says:

      Thank you for commenting and I saw your website doing some research, once again thank you I think we did do a great job 🙂

  30. Aiya's mum says:

    well done guys so excited for you meeting the prime minister and cant believe you high fived him Aiya and you spudded him Luke ! and I look forward to you becoming Prime minister one day Aiya X

  31. Mr McMahon says:

    As Saturn class’ teacher, I was massively proud of not only year 6, but also the year 5’s! The reports of how you behaved were a credit to the school and you should all be incredibly happy with yourselves! Well done again guys.

    Mr McMahon

    • Abdul Muhaymin A.H says:

      Another comment great comment from a great teacher what a coincidence, but anyway thank you for investing your time into writing a little message on the blog. Thank You 🙂

    • Aiya says:

      Thank you Sir I appreciate it very much. Thank you for blogging .

  32. Zoe Ross says:

    Well done to all of you – it looks like you had a great day and I’m very pleased it’s encouraged some of you to think about your own programming – good luck with more coding in the future!

    • Abdul Muhaymin A.H says:

      Thanks for another comment and I am looking forward for future coding further in my life as it will be even more complex, Good luck to you as well because you may need it in the future 🙂

  33. Mohamed says:

    We had loads of fun. Thank you a ton for commenting on our school blog and good luck with your do digital website

  34. Nadia says:

    Thanks pat hughes , I really appreciate helping getting us to downing street, I wish you were there !

  35. Nadia says:

    hi Dr chips , thanks ! we explained to David Cameron how we coded , t was a pleasure meeting him 🙂 !

  36. rahmn1 says:

    loved this trip and would want to go again it was a trip of a life time as it was my birthday that day I met the priminister it was a wonderful birthday for me 🙂

  37. zuhur says:


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