E-team Meeting

Hi e-teamers!

What ideas do you have for the e-team this year at Winton?  What would you like us to achieve?  Share your ideas by posting a comment here.

Miss Bates 🙂

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  1. Malachi and Mayeda says:

    I was thinking we can make a 2 player game that you can design a game and who ever makes the best game wines.

    SO GET READY!!!!!!!!!! :>)

  2. Mo & Oli says:

    E-Team Safety

    Ideas for E-Team

    Mo & Oli have both decided…

    -They want to make a E-Team website & a slogan on how to use the laptops/computers safely{ideas for the website: Me Online, Binweevils, Club Penguins(remember not to give your personal info), Download Link to Minecraft+ our own E-Team game about safety.

    What to achieve?

    -At the end of the year all students to have knowledge on how to use online appliances properly & safely and have a online activity were adults can join in and see what their children have been up to on the laptops.

    Yours Sincerely Mo & Oli

    Stay Safe 🙂

  3. Roni Riyan says:

    We should do a compition who could do it on scratch and who ever win they will everyone can play the game.

  4. Abdullah & Evinda says:

    In the e-team we can use jit and bitesize

  5. Jayden!!! says:

    Maybe we can do some acting out on electrical equitment {how we stay safe around electrical equwitmnt and what you don’t do on laptops !}. We choud also make adults do some codeing ! Maybe in a week they choud make a game on scratch.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Make games for the school. Make pictures and the you decorate the pictures with smaller pictures. We could have a game making competition and who ever wins gets there game put on the website. We would like to achieve maybe having a code day like a fun fair but a bit different. we could have a raffle and if you win you get a coding book. There could also be how much dose the computer cake weigh and guess how many jelly beans in the jar.

    By Ruby and Khadijah 🙂

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