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6 Responses to sumayyah

  1. voregan says:

    I love the way you have used sub-headings with animation to grab the reader’s attention!

    Very eye-catching. Well done!

  2. maylucy and Abdulqadir says:

    well done sumayyah, you worked of Into. space of I like your work because you put lots .

  3. sihyh001.206 says:

    wow I like it very much because you use great job on the heading and the colour and the last thing is the font.

  4. marylucy says:

    you should be very proud of your self because you worked very hard and put lots of work into it.

  5. armas says:

    Your research was amazing because it was very eye-catching and very colourful.
    also the research was Phenominal because your information was realistic. Arman.s zahira

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love the way that you did the flashing colours on the paragraphs
    Did it take you a long time?
    I think that you should have a little more information.
    Well Done!

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