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Ryans Chessington recount

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Resharn at Chessington

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Akashs Chessington Recount

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9th May 2014 Meeting Minutes

Minutes taken by Jackson.

Here – Sara, Jackson, Ruby, Jayden, Arif, Aysha, Hannifah, Sudais. Earth and Mars class at swimming.

Computing Celebration Day – Miss Bates wanted to know what we liked and how we could make it even better next time.

  • Sara – more than one activity going on in each class, make it for the whole day, have 2-3 children from each class stand up in assembly to talk about what they have been learning and show their work.
  • Jackson – we liked code club teaching Earth class a Scratch project.  We liked Matt, code club volunteer coming to school.  Maybe we could act out a scratch project or e-safety drama in assembly.  Share out the laptops between each class at different times of the day.
  • Ruby – have activities in each class at different times, so other classes can come to visit too.  Get the parents involved and run workshops for them, make a podcast on blog central advertising the day to parents. Do’s and Don’ts for parents.
  • Jayden – we could teach parents how to blog, and set up a blog with pictures and writing to get more parents to come.  We could run a competition with parents and children with Computing prizes!  Questions in assembly for parents about what you should and shouldn’t do.
  • Hannifah – different activities in each class linked to their topic.  Talk to the parents about what we learnt about and show espresso coding and JIT.
  • Sudais – we could use espresso and espresso coding.
  • Arif & Aysha – we could show the work we have been doing with Miss Bates.

Plagiarism – Miss Bates explained plagiarism so we know not to copy other work.  We think we should do an assembly about it so the rest of the school understands.

Clubs – We have Code Club for Y5&6, new Code Club for Y5&6, Computing club for Y3&4 but no club for KS1.  Hannifah and Sudais suggested espresso coding club, JIT club or blogging club for Y1&2.  Aysha thinks this should be at lunchtime.


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Tuesday 6th May 2014 – Scratch Pong Game

Hi Earth class,

What a great morning!  Well done for your all hard work in our Computing lesson, writing code to create your own pong game.

What did you enjoy?  What did you learn?  What did you know already?

Post your comments here so Miss O’Regan and I can plan some more exciting Computing projects for you!

Miss Bates 🙂

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